{ /takes in the advice being given to him; is laughing so hard deep down bc jfc she has no clue that her own advice is going to go against her } Okay, I’ll do that. { /pauses for a moment before taking a deep breath; immediately brings down his face to hers and smashes their lips together } — { /heart beat increases second by second; waits for her reaction, hoping that it isn’t negative }

(` waits for him to leave since it’s the reality she doesn’t want but was bound to happen, quirks a brow when he stood there, eyes wide as if popping out of their sockets in surprise but then closes them tight, his lips soft on hers; her cheeks flushes twice as red as before, fingers curling on his shirt as he pulled away, unable to say anything for a few seconds. finally, her eyes meets his ) …It’s me. (` says to herself, then repeats her words louder, heart beat increasing. hwan hui punches yukwon’s chest, a sob mixed with a scoff escapes her ) If I knew that advice was for me then… (` bites her lips ) I would’ve told you to kiss her for a second time.


{ /feels as if his heart is going to burst out of his chest at any moment; breathes in and out somewhat heavily } I’ve decided to confess to her.. But I don’t know whether I should just flat out tell her or just kiss her and feel her wrath afterwards. { /tilts his head } What do you think I should do? 

Right now? (` her brows furrow, containing the words she wants to express you’re going to leave me here after asking me for advice? some friend. instead, she pondered on what a good friend would say ) Kiss her, then run before you get a beating. If she calls out to you, try to hint on her tone if it’s angry or not. If it is, switch schools. If not, run back to her. (` nods )


.. You think so? { /stares at her with a look of worry; rubs his thumb on the pinkish-red skin of her right cheek, noticing how warm it is } — { /decides to bring up the topic that they were talking about earlier; it was now or never } I know this is random and all, but remember the girl I was telling you about? The one that I’m practically in love with but to scared to tell her? 

(` nods her head since it’s the only thing she could do, her insides melting at his touch and all she wanted to do was to disperse and evaporate into thin air, out of this heart racing situation she found herself to be in ) Yeah? What about her? (` tries not to make her voice sharp, hiding the fact she’s annoyed that yukwon’s bringing up another girl in this )


{ /lets out a puff of air; slams the book shut before yelping quietly from the sudden force on his foot } — { /holds onto her, making sure he doesn’t release her from his grip or else he’d felt that she would fall; his heart accelerates while his face heats up due to the closeness } I-It’s fine. { /looks down at her; reaches to tilt her head up, cups her face with his hands } You okay? 

(` fists her hands and unclench them once she let go of his robe, nodding her head, eyes slightly widens when he tilted her head, fully aware at how hot her skin is and how red her cheeks are by this time ] I..think so.. (` tries to avoid his gaze, but finds himself getting drawn deeper into those orbs, causing her heart beat to race )


Park Hwanhee for Sony NEX-3N


{ /rolls his eyes } You’ll always be my a baby to me~~ { /pulls on the collar of his robes nervously; feels his palms starting to sweat; for some reason this is the most awkward position he’s ever been in } Uh, how about I just stop here? 

(` nods, avoiding his eyes but smiles still ) I..think you should. (` forces a laugh, finally looking at him, her face suddenly becomes hot for some weird reason. hwan hui clears her throat, taking a step forward but ends up stepping on his foot instead and whatever gravity made her trample over, hand clutching onto his arms for dear life, hiding her face on his chest ) S-sorry.. 


{ /scoffs; nudges her arm with his shoulder } Let me remind you that I’m the taller one here, little girl. { /smirks; shrugs as he begins to lean away from her } You’re still a baby. You shouldn’t be hearing stories about kissing and such. { /pokes her cheek } Aw, don’t pout. I’ll read it. { /opens the book; begins to read } Once there was a girl named Kristine, and she was very much in love w/ her next door neighbor yada yada yada. { /reads on until he gets to kissing scene } Her cheeks flushed a deep red as James leaned forward… { /begins to feel awks omfg idk mang } 

(` huffs, cheeks puffed as she leans against a wall, listening to him, scoffing at the statement ) Hey. I’m the same age as you! I’m no baby (` scrunches her nose at him, arms crossed as she listens to the story, licking her lips at the detailed kiss, looking anywhere but at him because awkward too mang )


{ /tilts his head to the side; chuckles slightly before taking the book from her hands } Bedtime story, huh? { /flips through the book; looks up at her }  Niqqa pls.  Pretty sure my speech is better than yours. You sure you want me to read this? It has… { /gets close to her ear; whispers } kissing. 

Don’t shift the subject to me, little boy. (` was probably a mistake to call him that, considering she’s shorter than her by a few inches, she keeps her mouth shut, leaning back when he got close, actually shivering at what this asshole did ) W-what? You think I can’t handle some kissing, huh? (` pouts slightly )


{ /looks around the empty common room as they enter; walks around the room before turning to face the girl who had put the kitten down on the couch and all that shit idk } — { /heart immediately begins to flutter; mentally curses himself for letting himself fall this hard } Yeah, I guess so. { /scratches the back of his neck awkwardly } So.. What do you want to do? 

(` dusts her skirt before she walks towards him, arm clung onto his as she drags yukwon around, eyes spotting a book shelf ) Bedtime story. You should read me one. (` smiles, tugging him along with her, picks out a random book from the stacks, dusts it off and hands it to yukwon ) You need a little practice on your speech anyways. (` laughs, teasing him )